Saturday, May 14, 2011

Katalog Baru TuPPeRWaRe 4/2011!! (16 May- 30 Jun 2011)


Set Snowflake Wonders (12pcs)+ Cool Square Round (4pcs) + FREE  Double Square Round (2pcs)
Square Round 500ml (4pcs) 
Medium Square Round 880ml (4pcs) 
Double Square Round 1.3L (4pcs)
 Double Square Round 600ml (2pcs) 
Cool Square Round 1.4L (4pcs)

RETAIL : RM304.80


RETAIL : RM222.00



Square A Way (4pcs) 350ml

RETAIL : RM37.80

Fresh N Pure Ice Tray (2pcs)
RETAIL : RM39.90

 * Available 16 - 22 May 2011

Ice Cream Maker  (6pcs)
RETAIL : RM46.90

* Available 16 May - 5 June 2011

Modular Keeper with Grid (1pc) 9.4L
RETAIL : RM69.50

Rectangular Water Container  (1pc) 8.7L
RETAIL : RM94.20

Freeze Me Quick  (8pcs)
RETAIL : RM159.80

Chic in the City
# Reheatable Divided Lunch mate(1pc) 1.25L
# Cutlery Set 
# Trendy Tote

RETAIL : RM59.90

 CrystalWave Soup Mug(2pcs) 460ml
RETAIL : RM38.80

CrystalWave Divided Dish(1pc)
RETAIL : RM38.70

Let's Eat Out Set (11 pcs)
# Double Deep & Goody Box Set (3pcs)
# Medium Handi Bowl (4pcs) 400ml
# Luncheon Plates (4pcs)
+ Free Classic Mini Bowl (2) 450ml

RETAIL : RM138.00

Outdoor Cooler (1pc) 8.7L
RETAIL : RM79.80

B2B Slice & Stor (2pcs) 1.4L
RETAIL : RM59.80

B2B Snack Stor (1pc) 2.9L
RETAIL : RM39.90

Small Goody Box with Cariolier (4pcs) 850ml each
RETAIL : RM73.80

Large Square Away (4pcs) 680ml
RETAIL : RM61.60

Goflex (2pcs) 950ml
RETAIL : RM69.80

Water Dispenser (1pc) 14.5L
RETAIL : RM156.80

Beverage Buddy (1pc) 2L
RETAIL : RM36.30

Color : Green or Yellow

Fresh Lime & Chill Blue Eco Bottle (2pcs) 1L with Straps
RETAIL : RM61.60

Eco Bottle Spring (4pcs) 500ml
RETAIL : RM64.80

Activ Quencher (1pc) 600ml
RETAIL : RM38.80

High Handolier with Pouch (1pc) 1.5L
RETAIL : RM52.90

Thirstquake Tumbler with Pouch (1pc) 900ml
RETAIL : RM33.30

Thirstbreak Tumbler (4pcs) 470ml
RETAIL : RM50.40

Giant Canister (1pc) 8.6L
RETAIL : RM47.90

Level 1, Level 2 & Hottess Exclusive
* Level 1 = buy RM480.00 
Level 2 =buy RM880.00


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